Fast Play Track and Field offers an unmatched opportunity for parents to invest in their young athlete’s future. Our specialized program is designed to improve your child’s talents on the playing field with personalized training by professional athletes. Here at Fast Play Track and Field our goal is to provide a complete training program that will advance your young athletes confidence, sport knowledge and performance. We offer one-on- one, position-specific training sessions with current and former professional athletes. We begin with an initial physical assessment that includes a written evaluation and recommendation for training services. After the evaluation, options for training packages can be tailored to meet the athlete’s specific needs.

Track and Field can serve as a foundation to any sport you compete in. Not only will you develop speed and the ability to develop your unique running rhythm; you will also learn proper running techniques which include explosiveness, stride length, proper body position, knee height, arm movement, and dorsiflexion positioned feet. All these running techniques are essential components in executing your race properly. You will also build your cardiovascular system up, build lean muscle, and learn to rely on your core for needed power.

Coach Rashan Guillory

Rashan Guillory is a highly pertinent track and field athlete, specializing in the 100m hurdles and the open 100m. She brings over 15 years of experience in track and field, and is a Certified USATF coach. She also has dedicated over 200 hours time in studying Kinesiology at UCSDs intercollegiate athletics and athletic training program; helping students recover for various injuries and has been involved in the business dynamic of sports.

Rashan Guillory is ranked All- American in USATF National Elite Youth, was the Junior Olympic Champion in 100m hurdles 2004, holds 100 and 300m hurdles record at Kearny High School, holds 300m hurdles record at Lincoln High School, won 3 Western League Champions, Competed in CIF Finals, competed in the NCAA Rocky Mountain Conference, and recently ranked 3rd at the Imperial Association Championships.

She graduated from San Diego State University in 2014 with a B.A. in Africana Studies and has an A.A. equivalent in Black Studies from San Diego Mesa College. With her speciality in cultural history she can better service and connect with clients from all walks of life. She currently is training for the Olympic Stage for 2020 in the elite level in track and field. With her fitness level being at its best, and expertise in the different aspects sprints and sprint dynamics; she is able to challenge her clients and help them reach all the personal goals they wish to achieve.


Coach Melinda "Smedley" Hudlin

Fast Play's Track and Field program welcomes Coach Melinda "Smedley" Hudlin to its quickly growing team of professionals. Coach Hudlin brings over 14 years of experience that include competing at both the collegiate and world-class levels. Coach Hudlin is a three-time US Track & Field Olympic Trials competitor; four-time US Track & Field Nationals competitor; six-time IAAF World ranked; seven-time US ranked; and 2003 SDSU Record Holder. Coach Hudlin specializes in Sprints.


Coach Allison Reaser

Allison Reaser is a highly decorated track and field athlete, specializing in the Heptathlon. She is the 2010 Junior Olympic Champion, 2011 USA Junior Champion, 2012 Olympic Trials Participant, nine-time Mountain West Champion, five-time NCAA All-American, 2014 NCAA DI Heptathlon runner-up, and has been a member of two USA national teams. She graduated from San Diego State University in 2014 with a B.S. in Kinesiology with emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health. Taking her experience from competing at an elite level in track and field and combining it with her knowledge from her degree, she is able to create practices and coach athletes in all areas of the sport.

Coming out of college, Allison is equipped to design personalized workouts meeting athlete’s needs of all different levels. She is accomplished in instructing proper running mechanics, and technical aspects of all events. With her competitive background, she loves to see her athletes get better and reach new personal records and goals.

The track and its atmosphere have always been a home to Allison, and she works her hardest and best to share this homely feeling with anyone who runs on it.